What is a Heat Pump?

Air source heat pumps are an efficient way of heating up your home. They can work by themselves or pair with your existing central heating system, to provide you with all year round heat and hot water. Due to the continuous advancements of technology surrounding domestic heating, air-source heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular.


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Air Source Heat Pumps are on the rise — What are the benefits?

What are the Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps?

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Installing an air source heat pump could potentially save you a significant amount of money, particularly if replacing an existing oil, LPG, electric or old and inefficient heating system.

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Because they don’t burn fossil fuels and are powered by electricity alone, these heat pumps can help to significantly reduce your carbon emissions.

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An annual inspection is all that is required to check that your system is operating safely and efficiently.

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Air source heat pumps are simple to install and provide minimal disruption, making them a convenient choice.

The Installation Process

  1. Register your interest by calling or emailing a member of our team today.
  2. A member of the team will be in touch, at a time that suits you, to discuss your current installation and the options available to you. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have.
  3. We will then arrange a survey at a date and time that suits you. This will take approximately one hour and during this time we’ll be measuring up your property to assist with our detailed heat loss calculations, taking into account actors such as window and door types and any insulation the property currently has.
  4. Once we have processed this information, we will be able to select a suitable system that’s tailored to suit your needs.
  1. We will be able to send you a detailed quotation, based on this information, so that you understand all of the costs involved.
  2. Our team of engineers will be in contact to arrange a suitable installation date. Installation is likely to take between 3-5 days, depending on the work required. Each of our experts will ensure minimal disruption is present during this time.
  3. Upon completion of this work, a member of our team will provide you with clear training on how to operate the new heating system. We will also notify you of any maintenance required that are needed.
  4. We believe that our job is not done there and strive to provide exceptional standards of aftercare. If you have any queries or if any issues should arise at a later date, our team are here to help you. Please don’t be afraid to give us a call to discuss your needs.
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How Does An Air Source Heat Pump Work?

There are several key steps to how an air source heat pump works:

  1. Air from outside is blown over a network of tubes, which are filled with a refrigerant. This warms up the refrigerant and turns this liquid into gas.
  2. This gas will then pass through a compressor, thus increasing the pressure. This compression will also add more heat.
  3. These hot gases will pass into a heat exchanger, which will transfer the heat to air or water. This will then be circulated around your home into your radiators/underfloor and cylinder providing you with hot water and heating. Meanwhile, the refrigerant will condense back into a cool liquid and the cycle will repeat itself.
  4. To find out more about our heat pump installation services, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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We are expert installers affiliated with leading manufacturer Daikin. Unlike other manufacturers, Daikin provides a HP solution for all differing installation requirements, be they high temperature or low temperature. As such, we predominantly use Daikin for our installations.